REEL H2O: Informative and Fast so you can spend more time on the water!

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 Over 40 million people fish in the United States according to the American Sportfishing  Association. Through out the world people enjoy fishing and the different species that inhabit their local waters. Reel H2O Shares that same passion for the sport. Captain Troy Mell has owned and operated Reel Mell-O Charters in the Florida Keys for over ten years and has spent a life time fishing. Captain Troy set up Reel H2O TV as a streaming, under 10 minute fishing show based in the Florida Keys. Informative and short so you can spend more time on the water. Along with Reel H2O episodes, videos right from the deck of Reel Mell-O Charters will be shared. Reel People, Reel Fishing, Reel H2O.  Follow us on Facebook or one of the many social media outlets and share your pictures, videos and passion for fishing.